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At Country Road Adventures, we'll help you discover the parts of Ireland you've never heard of but will want to return to for years to come. Adventure awaits on the Wild Atlantic Way. Why not book your tour today?

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Clew Bay Bike Trail


Starting in Westport, Co. Mayo take a full seven days tour with an electric bike through our newest undiscovered route – The Clew Bay Bike Trail. 

This magical journey will take you on roads untouched, valleys undiscovered and sights to behold. With Irish charm at every corner, discover what makes this tour so special.

What's Included

& much more (see out bike trail package for more information).

You’ll have EVERYTHING you need to make the most of your adventures with Country Road Adventures.
Clare Island & Achill Island Await


You’ve probably heard all the stories about rural life in Ireland and your imagination runs free. Imagine being able to experience rural islands like Clare Island and Achill Island as part of your Country Road Adventure. Well you can.

Dedicated to your adventure

All of your guides on Irish Country Road Adventures are full of local knowledge about all things bike and adventure. Working directly in and Westport since 2017, they have developed a network for making your trip extra special.

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Paddy & Nelly Bike Hire

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The Paddy & Nelly brand has been consistently rated FIVE STARS by customers. Paul & Elke, owners of Paddy & Nelly Bike are bringing their years of business experience, local knowledge and expertise to Country Road Adventures.

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Where You'll STart

You’ll always start your tour outside Paddy & Nelly Bike Hire, located on Church Street in Westport. You can book online today.

Clew Bay Bike Trail